Local Hospitals (For Emergencies CALL 911 and Hit Enter/Send/Dial)

St. Lukes Hospital & Emergency Room

Mercy Hospital & Emergency Room


Local Urgent Care Doctor’s Offices

Google Map of Locations  (no appointment needed in most cases)


Cedar Rapids Area Free Medical Clinics

His Hands Free Medical Clinic

Community Health Free Clinic

Eastern Iowa Health Center


Local Primary Care Doctor’s Offices

Google Map of Physicians (appointment needed)


Local Schools

Cedar Rapids Community School District

College Community School District

Marion Independent School District

Linn Mar School District


Local Food Pantries

Google Map of Food Pantries


Cedar Rapids Area Colleges & Universities

Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College Adult Accelerated Program

Coe College (Private College)

Mt. Mercy University (Private University)

Mt. Mercy University’s Adult Accelerated Program